澳门威尼斯人网上赌场田径 是多年发展的高潮吗, training, and maturation to equip our student-athletes as quality people to impact the world for Christ and have the 狮子的心.

Our goal is to ensure that before our athletes leave FA, they are 为下一阶段的比赛做好了准备但比欲望更强烈的是他们 准备好… LIVE 在下一个层次.

我们的学生运动员毕业了, it is our hope the years spent as Lions will be considered some of the best in their life — a place where they built lifelong friendships, 找到导师来寻求敬虔的忠告, 最重要的是, have a greater understanding of who they are in Christ.


一个人的心 Lion

At 澳门威尼斯人网上赌场, student-athletes are pushed to develop The 狮子的心. 勇敢的心能面对逆境, 开发强度, 获得智慧, faces fears and demonstrates loyalty in their protection of others.

As we build strong 澳门威尼斯人网上赌场 athletes, 我们希望他们能骄傲地领导, 集中的决心, 对手头任务的勤奋和热情.


澳门威尼斯人网上赌场 is proud to be a part of the 佛罗里达高中体育协会(FHSAA) .

FHSAA Pic 2缩放

Fall Sports

Boys & 女孩游泳

澳门威尼斯人网上赌场 Swim Team is in its third year. As members of FHSAA, this allows us the opportunity to work toward the state playoffs. 这是我们参加fhsaa1a比赛的第二年, 我们有四位个人赛区冠军, 女队获得了地区亚军, 两名个人地区冠军, and the Girl’s team finished tied for 10th at the State meet. 我们想从去年结束的地方开始. Foundation calls National Training Center (NTC) home for evening swim practices.

主教练: 乍得Sundermeyer

Boys & 女孩高尔夫

Foundation Golf competes in the FHSAA 1A classification. Our new head coach, 乔纳森·西 is excited to develop this young program. 去年 our Number One golfer made it to the regional tournament. Orange County National Golf Center is the Lion’s new home away from home. Practices are held three times a week after school.

主教练: 乔纳森·西

Boys & 女子越野

FA Cross Country ran all summer in order to be ready for another amazing season. 去年, the Lions competing in FHSAA 1A saw both boys’ and girls’ teams make it to regionals and the boys advancing to the State! 如果你早上6点前开车到学校.m., be careful, you may see our Lions out there getting an early practice in to beat the heat.   

主教练: 丽莎还
助理教练: 詹姆斯Grosshans


澳门威尼斯人网上赌场 Football boasts of a rich tradition of success under the leadership of Coach Brad Lord. Competing in FHSAA Class 2A we face some of the best competition in the State. Our Lions consistently go deep into the playoffs, competing in Regional Finals four times in the last 6 years. Since the onset of the Football program in 2006, we have had the pleasure of witnessing 29 players sign to play on the next level. Thanks to many generous donors and the hard work of President Dave Buckles, the Lions have their stadium located on the 蒂尔登澳门威尼斯人网上赌场. Football trains all summer in the morning and once school starts, practices move to after school.

主教练: 安德烈·沃克


澳门威尼斯人网上赌场 排球 competes in the FHSAA Class 2A. 去年, our Lady Lions captured the 2A-6 District Championship before a packed gym! The Lady Lions finished their 2019 season at the Regional Finals. Coach Vicky continues to grow the FA program through her knowledge of the game, her love for our athletes and her faithful nurturing of her staff.

主教练: 维姬罗兹
助理教练: 乔尔·王

Winter Sports

Boys & 女孩足球

澳门威尼斯人网上赌场 Soccer starts the 2020 year as defending District Champions, clinching that title for the third year in a row.  参加FHSAA 2A级比赛, the Lions have become a solid program that rival schools look to beat. Summer training is a part of the development of our athletes. Our teams are blessed with a practice field behind the gymnasium and on the game night, 各队在综合体育场比赛, 叫做狮子田. 水平提供: 中学, JV, and Varsity

主教练: 斯科特·哈斯 
助理教练: 丹尼尔McDowall

Our Lady Lions continue to develop into a solid program. Coach 詹姆斯Grosshans has spent the summer training our athletes. These young ladies will find success in how hard they train and will reap the rewards of their dedication and hard work.  参加FHSAA 2A级比赛 affords us a good balance of competition. Our teams are blessed with a practice field behind the gymnasium and on game night, 各队在综合体育场比赛, 叫做狮子田.


主教练: 布鲁斯老澳
助理教练: 艾莉森费根

Boys & 女生篮球

Foundation Basketball is coming under new leadership this year. 纳撒尼尔·休斯教练, whose passion for the fundamentals of the game will give our program a solid foundation for success. Competing in FHSAA Class 3A allows the Lions to face some of the best teams in the state. This is viewed by our coaching staff and athletes as a challenge they intend to conquer. Practices and games are held on campus in Leiferman Gymnasium. 空间是我们澳门威尼斯人网上赌场的福气, with two full courts for practice and one full game court. 

水平提供: 6th grade,7th-grade team, 8th-grade team, JV, and Varsity

Head Coach: 纳撒尼尔·休斯
助理教练: 比尔·麦克劳克林,克里斯·贝特曼

The Lady Lions are the defending FHSAA Class 3A-10 three-peat District Champions. This is a very young and talented team that will continue to grow up together. This program is led by WNBA stand-out 克里斯托托马斯·史密斯. We know that she possesses the tools to develop this program into a winning tradition. Practices and games are held on campus in Leiferman Gymnasium. 空间是我们澳门威尼斯人网上赌场的福气, with two full courts for practice and one full game court. 


主教练: 克里斯托托马斯·史密斯
助理教练: 杰夫•米歇尔


Under the leadership of 雷切尔·凯里 our Lady Lions came from a struggling program to center stage. 竞争激烈的欢呼 is a three-peat regional champion and the 2022 State Champion.


主教练: 雷切尔·凯里



主教练: 克里斯蒂·汤普森

Spring Sports

Boys & 女孩跟踪 & Field

Track is a sport that is a favorite at Foundation. 去年, we had 40 plus athletes jockeying for position. We added the Javelin event which opened up more possibilities for our program to grow. The season started with a lot of success but was cut short due to the COVID-19. We are excited for the coming year and the success of our athletes as we compete in the FHSAA Class 1A State Series. 我们没有轨道, but our coaches make do with creating practice space throughout our very spacious campus.


主教练: Tisifinee泰勒
助理教练: 丽莎还


Our mission for 澳门威尼斯人网上赌场 baseball is to establish a baseball organization of young men who compete at the highest echelon of high school athletics while learning the values and skills to succeed not only 在下一个层次 of baseball but also in life. 

水平提供: 初中校队和校队

主教练: Dakoda格罗夫
助理教练: 安东尼Dorak


Lady Lions’ softball is another team that is made up of very young but talented softball players. The future is bright, and we believe that if they stay together, they will be state contenders. Coach Destinee Quarterman has a wealth of talent to work with and will continue to pull their potential to the forefront. We were blessed by our boosters with a covered batting cage that adds to our ability to focus on hitting. New bullpens are being put in for our 2021 season. Our softball fields are located in our athletic complex beside Lion Field.


主教练: 泰特McLellann
助理教练: 阿尔芒的冬天


Foundation 长曲棍球 is in its second year of 长曲棍球. After a solid first year, the excitement for this program is growing. Coach Victor Rodriquez brings both playing experience and travel ball coaching experience to the program, and he understands what it takes to be successful in this sport, challenging our athletes to not just be great 长曲棍球 players but to be great men. FA 长曲棍球 plays as an Independent this year but will move into FHSAA Class 1A in the 2021-2022 AY year. 长曲棍球 practices on the practice field and competes on Lion Field.


主教练: 维克多·罗德里格斯
助理: 埃里克·亨特利

Boys & 女孩网球

Foundation Tennis is growing and getting stronger every year. Students are beginning to understand that this is a sport that must be practiced year-round. Coach Brian Barnard does a great job of balancing experienced players and those that are trying new things. 去年 was a solid start for the Lions, but the ending of 2020 remains unwritten. The Lions currently practice at Veteran’s Park and play away matches. There are tennis courts in the future plans for 澳门威尼斯人网上赌场. Competing in the FHSAA state series is a goal that we plan to achieve in the coming year. 

水平提供: Girls 中学 and Varsity, Boys 中学 and Varsity

主教练: 玛丽Haag


FHSAA has sanctioned 沙滩排球 for the AY 2020-2021. This will be our first year to compete in SV due to an abrupt ending to 2020 athletics. We are excited about this extension to our indoor volleyball program. Coach Vicky罗兹 and Coach Maddy Mueller plan to take their expertise of the game and carry it over to the sand courts. Thanks to The Seip Family, we have our own sand court located behind the gymnasium.


主教练: 布兰登·卡利
助理教练: Vicky罗兹



主教练: 安德烈·沃克
助理教练: 丹泽尔·欧文

Program 突出了

我们的大学项目引以为豪 22日体育, 11 Boys & 11 Girls. 我们是…的一部分 FHSAA 在比赛中 第八届私立学校运动会. Which provides the opportunity for our athletes to compete among their 奥兰多都会区的同行.


At the heart fo 澳门威尼斯人网上赌场田径 is Christ. Our goal is to use athletics as an opportunity to win hearts and have our athletes become warriors for Christ. 我们称之为 The 狮子的心.


With every athletic endeavor we undertake, it is our desire to be great. Our belief is greatness is achieved by mastering the fundamentals. 我们的教练以教学为荣, drilling and practicing the fundamentals of each sport in order to cath greatness along the way.


澳门威尼斯人网上赌场田径 is committed to the pursuit of Christ in all we do, 包括我们在运动场上的努力. 基督教运动员团契 有一个长, rich and steep tradition in using the vehicle of athletics to reach youth in the name of our Lord and Savior. Our athletes meet each week for devotionals with Huddle leaders at all levels, 在练习中辅以祈祷, 锻炼和游戏. 在狮子的心中是耶稣基督.


澳门威尼斯人网上赌场田径 is proud that many of our athletes go on to play at the collegiate level. We take pride in our efforts to prepare all of our student-athletes for the next level, from reinforcing and mastering the fundamentals and fostering a team mentality, 帮助他们找到在基督里的身份.

澳门威尼斯人网上赌场田径 is building quality people through attention to detail one day at a time.

体育管理 & 教练组

Headshot of 罗伯特·东 - Upper School - Assistant Principal


体育指导员 & 营运总监

Headshot of 克里斯托托马斯·史密斯 - Upper School - Physical Education Instructor


丹泽尔·欧文——体育总监助理 & 大学招生主任


运动表现教练 & 大学招生主任



Athletic and Operations Administrative Assistant



“My time at 澳门威尼斯人网上赌场 has been a blessing. The years I spent there have prepared me physically, mentally, 精神上也是为了迎接大学的挑战. 为此,我真的很感激. ”

student girl with easel painting at art school PVPQ9UA scaled

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